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  • 1 Free Features
  • 2 Gamebalance
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    • 2.2 Units
    • 2.3 Other
  • 3 Interface
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    • 3.2 Tooltips
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Patch 1.36, aka "Byzantium", was released on 2023-11-06[1] with the checksum ebe5. The patch was released alongside the King of Kings immersion pack.

Free Features

  • Added 9 new achievements: ‘King of Kings’, ‘Restore the Pentarchy’, ‘Mets Hayk’, ‘Desert Power’, ‘Breadbasket of the World’, ‘The Last Crusade’, ‘A truly good maaa-tch’, ‘Legacy of Saint George’ and ’ ZoroAustrians’.
  • Added 8 new Monuments accessible through the Leviathan DLC: Golestan Palace, Al-Azhar University, City of Sana’a, Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Nizwa Fort, Itchan Kala, Narikala Fortress and Kazan Kremlin.
  • Added the Savayyid Order for Ardabil and Shia Persia accessible through the Golden Century DLC.
  • Added 25 events for Persia which fire during a playthrough.
  • Added a new Georgian culture and a new setup for the Georgian area in the base game.
  • Added the Turco-Iranian culture in the base game.
  • The Teuton and Livonian Order mission trees now have buttons to preview branching missions.



  • The government reform "Millennialist Theocracy" no longer grants Monarch Power per dev when converting a country. Instead, you will gain devotion per dev. Additionally, the gov reform now grants +1 Monthly Church Power, +0.25 Monthly Fervor, -25% Enforce Religion Cost, +10% Morale Damage and -2 Yearly Devotion.
  • The government reform "Elite Mercenaries" now only decreases merc cost by -15% instead of -25%
  • The government reform "Mercenary Leadership" now only decreases merc cost by -10% instead of -25%
  • The government reform "Cavalry Warfare" now decreases Cav Cost by -10% instead of -15%
  • The government reform "Expand Temple Rights" no longer decreases Admin Advisor Cost.
  • ‘Land of the Christian Sun’ reform now turns Japan into a monarchy to avoid script complications with overlapping reforms
  • ‘Land of the Christian Sun’ reform will no longer allow for heirs since generals become rulers
  • Added two new government reforms for Byzantium and one reform exclusively for Custom Nations so they can play with the Byzantine subject too.
  • Added a new government reform for Tier 6 which is available for countries which completed Court Ideas. The reform allows you to seize and sell crownland to targeted estates.
  • Fixed government power bars not working properly with values different from -100 and 100.


  • Added more sources of Revolutionary Guard special unit in relevant government reforms.


  • Removed Manpower reward from the Brandenburg Gate via the Prussian mission 'Balance of Power'
  • Appanages have now the subject interactions "Seize Court Resources" and "Request Extra Levies".
  • The Ottoman holy order "Mevlevi" now only decreases local dev cost by -5% instead of by -10%
  • The Eyalets now only provide 10% of their forcelimit / manpower to their overlord instead of 20%. Core Eyalets now only provide 20% of their forcelimit /manpower to their overlord instead of 33%.
  • The Ottoman mission reward of the mission "The Eyalet of Al-Andalus" no longer reduces Warscore Cost vs Other Religions.
  • The Ottoman mission reward of the mission "A Sunni Empire" will no longer increase Tolerance of Own Faith and will no longer decrease Warscore Cost vs other Religions.
  • The Ottoman mission reward of the mission "Spread the True Faith" no longer decreases Warscore Cost against other Religions.
  • The Janissary estate privilege "Strict Devshirme System" now only grants 10% Local Manpower Modifier and +15% Fort Defense".
  • The Janissary privilege "Ensure Disciplined Training" now increases the discipline of Janissaries by 2.5% instead of 5%.
  • The Janissary estate privilege "Professional Soldiers" now reduces the Reinforce Cost Modifier of Janissaries by -10% instead of by -20%
  • The permanent Ottoman modifier "Expanded Imperial Administration" from the "Expansion of the Imperial Bureaucracy" event no longer decreases CCR.
  • The Devshirme ability "Assign Local Pashas" now only decreases CCR by 5% instead of 10%.
  • The Devshirme Action "Conscript Heathen Recruits" will now only increase the Vassal Manpower Contribution by 15%, nerfing it down from +25% Vassal Manpower Contribution and +10% Manpower Recovery Speed.
  • The modifier "The Ottoman Rule" from the event "The Internal Power Structure" now only gives -25% Autonomy Change Time, removing the passive War Exhaustion reduction from it entirely.
  • The Ottoman government reform "Expanded Devshirme System" will now decrease only the Reinforce Cost of Janissaries by 10%, nerfing it down from its previous -20% and +25% Reinforce Speed.
  • The Tripitaka Koreana now gives +100% Local Institution Spread instead of a passive Institution bonus. The tall Empire of Korea will be slowed down by it, but should still be a force to reckon with even if they do not conquer a single province.
  • The Provincial Government System will now only increase the local tax by 20% instead of by 33% and giving -1 Local Unrest.
  • Recruitment by Merit now increases the Janissary Infantry Combat by 10% at 100% crownland instead of by 20%
  • The Janissary Estate privilege "Sultan-Appointed Aghas" no longer grants +0.3 Yearly Army Tradition.
  • Taking the Great Council of Mechelen reform will now disable the Dutch Revolt even after it started getting progress. It will NOT stop the disaster once it has fired though.



  • Added an icon showing mutually exclusive reforms for the empire of China.


  • Improved tooltipable area for estate factors in grant privilege view.
  • Improved the tooltip for introducing a new heir.


  • Added a Development based information in the tooltip of the Religion pie chart in the Ledger.
  • Added sort buttons for Autonomy Macrobuilder. Provinces that can have their autonomy Increased/Decreased will be now grouped together.
  • Added an alert for State Edicts that are no longer needed. For example Missionary Strength Edict if all provinces are converted.
  • It's now possible to click on names in State View to view that province.
  • You are now able to transfer multiple province occupations to one ally by selecting provinces with Shift + Left Click beforehand.
  • It’s now possible to merge normal armies without needing to deselect mercenaries. The mercenary armies won’t be merged but they won’t block the button to merge.
  • Added a sort by giver in the peace deal screen.
  • Fixed so diplomacy mapmode gets updated as states and cores are added/removed.
  • Improved the coring list height and button positioning when having height resolution greater than 1080.
  • Added the ability to remove buildings via right click in the macrobuilder.
  • The Metropolitan map mode is now renamed into the "Local Organisation" map mode and its tooltip now reflects its changed purpose.
  • An explanation has been added saying why you can’t set Threatened attitude.
  • Added a "Go to" button to leader death message. It opens the military leader menu.
  • You can now spend more ducats or manpower when holding Shift in the Great Project window to speed up the construction.
  • Go to button in the Claim Fabricated message now moves the camera to the claimed province instead of the nation’s capital.
  • Permanent claims are now shown in the Peace Deal menu similar to how normal claims are shown..
  • Mapmodes: Diplomatic mapmode shows core provinces over claims.



  • Added 'effect' and 'removed_effect' clauses to Ideas, Institutions (only 'effect'), Hegemons, Fetish*ts Cults, Technologies (only 'effect')
  • Added play_sound effect.
  • Added transfer_papal_controller which will change the controller without killing the current Pope.
  • Added random_in_area and random_in_region effect scopes
  • on_actions are now additive


  • Added has_marines modifier.
  • Added Manpower and Sailors Percentage static modifiers.
  • Added "reverse_under_governing_capacity_modifier" static modifier.


  • Added on_overrun on action.
  • Added can_join_hre and can_leave_hre scripted functions.
  • base_tax, base_production, base_manpower, development and development_discounting_tribal now accept scopes as value.
  • Added a new set_naval_doctrine effect.
  • Cost of a Naval Doctrine can now be set for each individual one in script..
  • Added scriptable GUI.
  • Added is_mod_active trigger.



  • The Achievement "David the Builder" no longer requires you to start as Imereti.
  • The "Mehmet's Ambition" achievement has now been updated to reflect the changes to the Roman Empire decision.


  • Timurids can now form Persia.
  • Forming Persia as the Timurids will now require that every single subject nation of the Timurids as well as Ajam and its subjects is not existing.
  • Barbary Iqtas can now form the Mamluks too.
  • You now have to be Muslim to form Arabia
  • Countries of the Byzantine culture group can now restore Byzantium.
  • Forming a country will now always reset your name and color to the default name of the newly formed country.
  • The decision to form Siam as anybody but Ayutthaya will now require you to complete 2 non-estate disasters to mirror the difficulty Ayutthaya has to overcome to form Siam.
  • The decision to convert to Islam will no longer be taken by the AI immediately if they are a Theocracy, Jewish or Zoroastrian. Additionally, it now demands of Theocracies to have less than 80 devotion to be picked, making it impossible to have Sunni Jerusalem day one after they are released.
  • Forming Rome will no longer require you to own the entirety of the highlighted regions. Instead, it will require you to own 425 provinces of these regions (for comparison: before this change, you were required to own at least 328 provinces, but you were obligated to own everything of France, Italy, Balkans, Anatolia and Mashriq). The highlighted provinces are the ones the real Roman Empire owned at any point of time.


  • The Ottoman AI will now try to make Mamluks to their Eyalet should they declare on the Mamluks with the right cb and occupy their capital for one year.
  • The events of Purple Phoenix have now all a MTTH of 72 months as they tended to be very spammy.
  • Added a line to all the Eyalet events emphasizing that the cores on regions are only applied to the provinces already owned by the Ottomans.


  • The Persian ideas now give +10% Production Efficiency instead of 5%, +15% Manpower Recovery Speed instead of +10% Manpower Recovery Speed, +15% Global Tax instead of +10% Global Tax and additionally -5% Dev Cost Modifier.
  • Added ideas for the nation of Arabia.
  • Added ideas for the nation of Egypt.
  • The Byzantine Ideas now give +20% Improve Relations, +10% Goods Produced Modifier instead of +5%, +25% Core-Creation Cost instead of the Mercenary Maintenance, +0.3 Yearly Patriarch Authority, +20% Reform Progress Growth instead of the National tax modifier, +15% Fort Defense instead of the -10% Stability cost modifier, +15% National Manpower Modifier instead of +10%. Global Trade Power and Yearly Prestige has been removed from the ideas.
  • The game will now properly subscribe LPC ideas when the Commonwealth is formed by Lithuania
  • The first idea of Court Ideas now gives +1 Dip Rep.


  • The Polish mission that extends your Golden Era, will now do so for 50 years, instead of 30.
  • The Daimyo mission "Regulate the Social Order" now offers an alternative requirement to Absolutism, so you can complete it before the Age of Absolutism.
  • The timed challenge around the Franconian Succession will now only be available to Brandenburg.
  • The Spanish mission 'Rein in France' now grants 10 Power Projection instead of 25.
  • ‘The Varna Aftermath’ mission for Poland will now grant 1 PU CB instead of 2, and claims instead of the 2nd PU CB, depending on the choice in the Jagiellon event.
  • Streamlined the Polish missions ‘Protect Hungary’, ‘Throne of Bohemia’ and ‘Balance the Princely Lands’.
  • The Polish mission "Leverage the Magnates" will now require fewer than 4 privileges, instead of fewer than 2 for the nobles.
  • The Mughals missions are available if you own King of Kings.
  • Fixed a bug where the default missions for England without all DLCs are disconnected.
  • Added DLC checks for some missions in Iberia that require flagships
  • Economic ideas now properly grant the development from constructing manufactories once the ideaset is completed
  • Economic ideas now grant their mechanic rewards at proper times
  • Fixed a localisation error with the PLC mission 'Golden Liberty'
  • Fixed an incorrect scope for Pagan faiths in the EoC missions
  • Qing's ‘Three Feudatories’ no longer gives Subjugation CB towards the wrong country
  • ‘The Examination System’ mission for the Emperor of China will no longer cost more Gov Reform progress than it should
  • Added checks for Leviathan in many missions that require trust because the latter is hard to attain without the DLC despite being a base game feature
  • Completing the Japanese mission ‘Balance of Power’ via Absolutism will now grant the proper reform as reward
  • The Qing mission "Expel Foreign Merchants" now gives proper effects for the trade nodes of Ragusa and Aleppo.
  • The Ming mission "End the Sengoku Jidai" now properly gives a fallback reward in case you don't own Mandate of Heaven.
  • The conditions for the Manchurian mission "Reorganize the Tribes" now properly checks for the primary cultures of the countries.
  • The highlighting for the French mission "House of God" now works properly if you decide to align with the Pope.
  • The conditions for the French mission "The Peninsula War" now properly checks for local autonomy.
  • The fallback for the Spanish mission "Holy See Politics" will now properly check if you have an inquisitor.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chinese mission "Fortify the Coast" would not grant any reward whatsoever.


  • Fixed an issue with 3 French religious wars modifiers granting local unrest instead of global.


  • Timurids and the Ottomans are now historical rivals.
  • Added proper names for the Tabriz and Azerbaijan areas.
  • France will no longer integrate Burgundy if the latter is a player.
  • Syria now starts as a subject to the Mamluks.
  • Changed the bonuses of the Pyramids great project to better co-exist with the new great project in Cairo
  • Added Krakow in the european_trade_node_scope scripted trigger
  • The province of Daman now starts as a religious center for Zoroastrianism.
  • Most of the provinces in Persia now start as Sunni instead of Shia.
  • Konstantinos Palaiologos, the starting heir of Byzantium, is now a 5/2/3 instead of a 3/2/2, but has only 60 Claim on the throne.
  • The province of Burgas now belongs to Byzantium in 1444 instead of the Ottomans.
  • Byzantine provinces in the Morea area now start with +25% Local Autonomy.


  • AI is now actually inclined to form Arabia when they reach ADM tech 19
  • Removed some immersion-breaking military reforms from the 5th tier for Tribal nations.
  • Forming Arabia now allows you to place your capital in one of 5 important Islamic cities.
  • Added a disclaimer to the scripted effect for Innovativeness or Monarch Power gain from Events, which emphasizes that you do not gain extra monarch power from Innovativeness Gain modifiers.
  • The decision "Promote Sojunghwa" now is usable even after the Mandate has been destroyed.
  • Persia and Eranshahr (the Zoroastrian Persia tag) are now Endgame Tags.
  • Prussian militarization evolution rewards will now only show up if you are Prussia / Germany and have the Prussian Monarchy reform
  • The "Cathedral" building is now called "Great Synagogue" and "Great Fire Temple" for Jewish and Zoroastrian countries respectively.
  • The Edinburgh monument no longer tells you that you could use it from a mission reward as such mission reward does not exist in the game.
  • The Zoroastrian religion can now propagate their religion via the trading policy.
  • Changed the Zoroastrian blessings a bit: Replaced the Yearly Corruption with +10% Improve Relations
  • Replaced the "Shirvan" and the "Sabzevarian" holy sites with the provinces of "Zanjan" and "Tun" respectively. The achievement "Keep the Flame Burning" has been updated to reflect this change, and as such requires now the 5 Holy Sites AND atop of it the monument in Shirvan.
  • Zoroastrian and Jewish countries are now allowed to claim the Defender of Faith title. No other religions will get this privilege as it is intended for Zoroastrian / Jewish countries to spread their religion without affecting the overall balance too much.
  • Diplomacy: Distant war modifier is less impactful for calling in rivals in wars.
  • Diplomacy: AI desire of provinces and desire of subjects' provinces is now combined into one opinion modifier.


  • Advisor's death now correctly fires on_x_advisor_fired on action.
  • Fixed a crash when using trigger values.
  • Fixed attached units moving in different directions in some cases.
  • Curia Power Cost is now capped at 10%.
  • In the Trade Favors for Trust menu the values are now displayed correctly.
  • Ifs in Scripted triggers now correctly assign values to triggers. Added a post validation function to IfTrigger to assign values in the limit.
  • Fixed a missing "is" in a tooltip for several monuments.
  • add_province_triggered_modifier will no longer show errors when used in different places.
  • Removed a bug that allowed a ruler to be immortal if Ottomans were in a disaster and without an heir.
  • Added a new line in the description of the trade company investments modifier.
  • Added a check if a human ally can join a war in the war declaration screen. It will now show an X instead of a question mark.
  • The Russian AI will no longer bankrupt itself by purchasing Modern Ideas
  • The Estate Action "Ask for Contribution" from the Vaishyas now actually scales with their influence.
  • Fixed an issue which caused estates to have their loyalty and influence reduced while they are in power.
  • Changing trade goods to Coal now properly subtracts 1 base production from the province, if the province had a manufactory and Economic ideas
  • Placing a relative on the throne in a subject now correctly calls the on_new_monarch and on_monarch_death on actions.
  • Government reforms now display Special Unit forcelimit modifiers in gray when that unit isn't available yet instead of being hidden.
  • Fixed tooltips for State Edicts in the Macrobuilder
  • Added replacements for Mandate of Heaven modifiers when playing without that expansion.
  • Ming no longer starts with more boats than their forcelimit allows.
  • Overlords can now request maps from their subjects. Subjects can request maps from their overlords or subjects under the same overlord.
  • Fixed Revolutionary text not being hidden when creating a Client State before Revolutions are available.
  • Removed an unnecessary new line in the Annexation tooltip.
  • Fixed remove_trade_modifier tooltip having the color "spill out"
  • Expand the Empire peace treaty no longer allows for full annexation.
  • Fixed blockade capacity tooltip showing half of the development that can be blockaded.
  • extend_golden_age now adds to the month counter, using it two times will result in a sum instead of only one value.
  • Force Religion Warscore cost modifier is now capped at -90%
  • AI will no longer send privateers to Trade Nodes they can't reach.
  • Fixed Fervors not being updated correctly with their potential trigger.
  • Fixed a CTD when the start_debate effect is used on a country without a Parliament.
  • Regiment Discipline from mercenary modifiers and special unit modifiers is now accounted for when calculating Military Tactics during a battle.
  • Fixed a crash when hovering over a building in the technology screen.
  • Made it so the core_all button in the state view doesn't get enabled if we can't core due to war.
  • Fixed government power bars not working properly with values different from -100 and 100.
  • Parliament issue modifiers are now tied to the duration of the issue which can be changed with modifiers.
  • Fixed so the disinherit button becomes visible immediately without having to reopen the court view.
  • Fixed issues with DLC only modifiers applying wrong values.
  • Moving the date from a bookmark will no longer cause interesting countries’ shields to show wrong information.
  • Fixed issue where tribal rebels are more likely to spawn than separatists before coring a province.
  • Non-existing countries will be automatically removed from tribal federations.
  • Unconditional surrender now isn't applied to provinces that are sieged by 3rd party nations in different wars.
  • AI will buy trade company investments more often
  • Fixed an issue with non reinforcing rebels using only the relocation movement
  • Set the minimum trade power transferred between nations to 0.
  • Changed local_unrest in reset_parliament_debate_modifier to global since it's applied to a country not provinces.
  • Raise Cossack Host no longer grants 50% of the force limit but 5%.
  • Fixed parliament issues being initially backed by too few seats, because the wrong define was used.
  • Establish Eyalet peace treaty no longer allows to take War Reparations as well.
  • Fixed Government Reform switch confirmation window showing wrong potential.
  • Provence now properly integrates Lorraine in the ‘House de Valois’ event for France
  • The Eunuch Agenda ‘Appease Eunuch Quotas’ will no longer require you to embrace undiscovered institutions
  • Swapped the power level calculations of Eyalets and Core Eyalets. Core Eyalets are now much easier to keep loyal while Eyalets themselves consider the power of all subjects instead of just their own now.
  • Only Eyalets are now allowed to gather favor towards their overlord.
  • Fixed an issue where the name "Nouvelle-Écrosse" could not appear for Colonial Canada.
  • Fixed a bug with the Polish disaster "Struggle for Royal Power"
  • Placed_merchant_power_modifier now works correctly.
  • CBs such as Imperial Liberation no longer disappear when the target country changes tag.
  • Fixed "Is not running a deficit" trigger taking into account non-monthly expenses.
  • Custom nation flag emblems are now centered to background.
  • Rebel model no longer appears as default in the battle summary screen.
  • Native countries no longer lose stability on native chief death.
  • Trade button in the province view no longer opens the trade node window if the node is not discovered.
  • Imperial Authority Modifiers no longer increase the growth of Mandate for the EoC.
  • Fixed an issue with resending a colonist, after they have been recalled, back to a colony adjacent to a Colonial Nation.
  • Positive all_estates_influence modifiers (such as Cabinet Cooperation for EoC and Reformation of the States for Ottomans) are properly applied when calculating bonuses from the estate.
  • It is no longer possible to placate subjects when over the max limit.
  • Grant Administrative autonomy now properly displays Liberty change correctly.
  • Subjects', who don't have legitimacy or equivalent mechanics, information is now displayed in the subject menu.
  • Manpower and sailor modifiers of subject countries now displayed correctly in the tooltip.
  • Subject countries may now convert provinces even if they're at max Religious Unity
  • Generals that are loaded onto a ship cannot be reassigned.
  • Exiled armies are not allowed to attack natives in uncolonized provinces.
  • Indulgence cost no longer shows up in the monthly treasury menu
  • Countries already at war with the claimant of a PU won't be invited to contest.
  • Selecting peace options now centers the camera on the target of the option.
  • State holy order / office descriptions no longer show an inflation modifier
  • Fixed the incorrect trade value of a node in the trade interface
  • Fixed the incorrect display of unit losses in the battle report message


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Patch 1.36 - Europa Universalis 4 Wiki (2024)


What changed in 1.36 EU4? ›

Added 25 events for Persia which fire during a playthrough. Added a new Georgian culture and a new setup for the Georgian area in the base game. Added the Turco-Iranian culture in the base game. The Teuton and Livonian Order mission trees now have buttons to preview branching missions.

What is the latest version of Europa Universalis? ›

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan is Now Available!

How to update EU4? ›

- Copy the folder inside "YourDocuments/Paradox" to a backup folder, delete the game and reinstall. It will retrieve the latest version. Inside the backup folder you have a "save" folder, copy it again to the Paradox folder, you will be able to continue your games.

Is Europa Universalis still good? ›

With its profound strategic elements, expansive game world, and continuous updates, this game offers an excellent choice for history enthusiasts and strategy aficionados.

Can you go past 1821 in EU4? ›

The game ends on 3 January 1821 if it is played in ironman mode. If the end date is reached in normal mode, pressing the continue button on the endgame screen will allow the player to keep playing beyond 1821.

Does EU4 end in 1821? ›

The game is a sandbox environment; while there is no strict rule on winning the game, the game of the player is over when the player's nation is removed, or annexed, from the map or the date reaches the year 1821.

Will there ever be a Europa Universalis 5? ›

For now, it looks like the studio is still working on more EU4 expansion content before moving onto the development of Europa Universalis 5 in earnest. However, thanks to your friendly neighborhood Wargamer Dot Com, we do know for sure that EU5 was in discussions at Paradox as early as 2021.

Is Europa Universalis 4 easier than hoi4? ›

However, there is a big difference in the learning curve, as the overall pacing differs, so in a way EU4 is more friendly to beginners. In a nutshell, I'd say it's easier to learn but harder to master, you just have to play it with a different mindset.

Is Europa Universalis 4 better than Crusader Kings 2? ›

Both are great games. CK2 is harder to get into and focuses more on roleplay while EU4 is more focused on war and conquering the world. Eu4 is overall more popular but the forum is more negative towards it as the last 2-3 DLCs havent been all that great. What you should buy depends on what you like.

Is eu4 realistic? ›

EUIV being a sandbox game is as accurate as it can be at the start of the game. However, as you continue with the game further into the timeline a divergence can occur from a historical accuracy standpoint.

What is the strongest nation in Europa Universalis? ›

For the A.I the ottoman empire is the strongest nation in the game and the hardest to deal with for other A.I nations. In the hands of a player the Ottoman Empire can be made very very powerful but Russia definitely in the hands of a player is the strongest nation in the game.

How many people play Europa Universalis? ›

Europa Universalis IV
MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
November 202212,834.721,017
October 202215,867.527,676
September 202217,251.033,645
August 202215,609.424,185
94 more rows

Who has the most hours on EU4? ›

Most Europa Universalis IV Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
160 more rows

What are the strongest AI nations in EU4? ›

For the A.I the ottoman empire is the strongest nation in the game and the hardest to deal with for other A.I nations. In the hands of a player the Ottoman Empire can be made very very powerful but Russia definitely in the hands of a player is the strongest nation in the game.

What year does EU4 stop? ›

I feel like Paradox really could have ended the game on a more historically relevant date in May 5, 1821, the day Napoleon died. It just seems like it cuts out on such a seemingly random day, where the death of Napoleon really heralds the end of an era.

Why are there so many rebels in EU4? ›

They are caused by unrest and certain events. Rebellions may be combated by increasing province autonomy to reduce unrest, harsh treatment, or brute military force to slay the rebels once they rise up.

Does having a claim reduce AE EU4? ›

Having claims (either permanent or temporary) on a province can reduce the aggressive expansion generated by taking the province if the correct casus belli was used to declare the war. Note that most of these are very rare or situational, and in general, claims do not reduce AE.


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